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Choosing the officiant for your wedding in Puerto Vallarta area.

Actualizado: 28 sept 2020

Your ceremony will be the center and the heart of your wedding day. Do not forget to reserve ASAP one of the crucial elements: The actual person who’d oversee the ceremony.

Puerto Vallarta area has different officiants to performance your wedding ceremony in México. You need decide if you want to have a religious, legal (civil) and/or spiritual (symbolic) ceremony.


Some religious gives you the opportunities to personalize some items like readings, vows and music but you need to check with your officiant for the complete information.


If you’re looking for a Catholic ceremony in Puerto Vallarta you need to have the ceremony on the church or chapel; because the priests do not performance ceremonies outside of the church or chapel. There are some all-inclusive resorts in Puerto Vallarta area with their official Catholic Chapel inside the property. As soon as you decide for the church or chapel, your priest will let you know all the requirements for your ceremony. It is important to start with the planning months before your ceremony in Puerto Vallarta so you will have time to gather all the requirements.


If you want to get married in Puerto Vallarta doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a rabbi preside. You can bring your Rabbi or you can reserve one from the area. Once you reserve your Rabbi, the Rabbi will be in charge of explained you the requirements and the entire wedding ceremony step-by-step including the details to have and sign the ketubah.


Most of the Buddhist officiants are flexible as to where the ceremony takes place. In most ceremonies, you would hear at least one sutra chant but as soon as you are in contact with your officiant, you will be able to talk about your ideas for ceremony.

There are other options of officiants for religious ceremonies like ministers or officiants for Christian ceremonies, Baptist, Protestant, etc. Some religious vary at each country and even from one minister to other.


In a spiritual ceremony, you do not need to work on any paperwork or requirement before or after the wedding because this type of ceremony has non legal binding. Many couples simply get legally married at home before or after their symbolic destination wedding ceremony in Puerto Vallarta, México.

The amazing thing is that you can work with your non denominational officiant to create a ceremony that reflects your beliefs and philosophy.

It is a great option too to plan an interfaith ceremony, so you can honor both of your families’ different religious traditions creating a ceremony that feels authentically yours (sometimes it is a challenge but you can get it having the right officiant).

Or even you can choose too a family or friend for your wedding in Puerto Vallarta area, in case you want someone with whom you already shared a close bond.


A civil ceremony is a legal marriage ceremony (non-religious), it is presided by a justice of the peace which is the legal official (called "Juez" in México) by the government office.

In a legal ceremony, you can have your personal vows & exchange of rings. 

The requirements for a legal ceremony in México vary by state, usually these are: 

* To provide recent birth certificates (in some states in México will require to present these documents with Apostilles).

*To present divorce or death certificates (You must have been divorced for at least one year before remarrying). (Depending the state in México, you will require to presente these documents with Apostilles).

*You need to provide copies of your passports, plus copies of your witnesses passports (in some areas you need 2 witnesses and in other cities you need 4 witnesses).

*You need to performance blood tests in a certified laboratory in México, it needs to be done no more than 15 days before the wedding in Mexico.

*Some states will require you having a prenuptial course before the wedding.

*You need to fill a marriage request form with all the information about you, your parents and witnesses.

*You need to order official translations from your documents to spanish, with an official translator from the Mexican state.

Even if it looks like many requirements, having a civil ceremony in Puerto Vallarta (or close areas  such as Nuevo Vallarta, Sayulita, Punta de Mita and more) is easier than you might think if you use a wedding planner to help you with it. Sample: When you arrive to México, you will have already the birth certificates &  copies of the passports,  and your wedding planner can help you to complete the rest in just a few hours (it takes 30 minutes approximately to have the blood tests done and the prenuptial classes are other 30minutes). And your wedding planner can order the translations of the documents before your arrival.

However if you want to avoid these steps, you can have a symbolic ceremony and you can just get legally married at home before or after your destination wedding in México.


Puerto Vallarta is really popular as a destination to get married in México, and given the opportunity to get married alongside awe-inspiring backdrops (beautiful beaches, magical towns, incredible mountain views, and more) it is easy to see why!

Whatever type of ceremony you choose, make sure you read over the complete service ahead of time to make sure you are comfortable with your decision. And wherever you decide, plan your ceremony with love, at the end what is important is this love and your union.

If after reading through this information, you will like to explore more information about the options for officiants for your ceremony in Puerto Vallarta or close areas, you can contact us for more details:


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