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If you need help to coordinate your legal ceremony, our service includes the following items:


.*Sending you the exact requirements and steps you need to get and to do for a legal ceremony.


*Reserving the date/time with the legal officiant.


*Checking the paperwork (birth certificates, copies of IDs, etc).


*Taking you to the prenuptial classes & certified laboratory.


*Taking documents to the official translator.


*Taking documents to the judge office.


*The wedding date, one person from our staff will arrive to wait for the judge and to do the translation to English (if the judge does not speak English).


If you need help to reserve a minister (non-legal ceremony), we can help you with reccomendations. For a symbolic ceremony you do not need to do or to present any document because it is a symbolic ceremony, it is not  a legal ceremony.

The Small Details

If you need help with other details for your ceremony, like bridal bouquet, boutonniere, ceremony arch and more, we will be happy to quote these.

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